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I love to read, write, play pool & help others. I love being with my 3 blessings! I have a gorgeous daughter, Meggan~23 and 2 handsome sons. Brian~20 and Joshua~16. I wouldn't be anything without my babies. They're my greatest accomplishment! 
I pray my words, pictures, and what I post about give you encouragement and help inspire you to love deeper and believe there is a life out there for you. You need to have faith and believe in YOU. 
I married a Soldier so I was a Military Wife for 17 yrs. and now we're divorced. I am part German, Irish, English, and Ukraine. Trying to focus on my writing. I'm working on my Memoir and Suspense Romance Novels. I want my story of abuse and my addictions  to help other woman and teens. I went through a lot of trauma growing up and still found joy and I know you can too!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When you laugh while being tickled, what you are experiencing is actually a form of panic.

If you’re ticklish, you know the automatic laugh response that occurs when you are tickled. This can range from giggling to uncontrollable shrieks of laughter. However, your body is actually responding with panic and anxiety.
This is actually the body’s defense mechanism. It is believed that the response is meant to protect you from dangerous things on your skin, such as poisonous insects. The body needs to react quickly to this unanticipated touch and does so with a panic response.

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